About SLI

Sustainable Living Innovations, LLC, (SLI) is a multi-housing building technology company based in Seattle, WA. The company was established in 2008 with the following objectives:

SLI has developed a patented system that delivers custom buildings from a kit of prefabricated component parts, teaming with developers and general contractors. Utilities, parking garages, foundations, etc. are constructed conventionally. Structural steel and other building components (walls, stairs, doors, windows, etc.) are prefabricated off site and trucked to the job site for installation and connection. This integrated approach results in superior quality, high-performance buildings.

SLI is targeting urban markets on both coasts, especially sites zoned for 8-30 stories close to employment centers in the “New Economy” – major cities with technology and energy companies; hospitals and health care systems; and colleges and universities. Applications for the building technology include apartments and hotels, as well as student and affordable housing.

SLI is committed to maintaining a triple bottom line – superior financial performance; high levels of sustainability and a social purpose that delivers a healthier overall living experience.

SLI Rendering