Our building system dramatically reduces energy and water consumption, construction waste, and greenhouse gas emissions

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Globally, all buildings consume 50% of the world’s energy, 25% of the water and contribute 33% to greenhouse gas emissions. Among the worst “offenders” are urban multi-housing projects, given the 24/7 density by building occupants. By eliminating wasted field labor and streamlining the supply chain, SLI’s manufactured building systems technology is able to incorporate sustainable materials and systems that are cost-prohibitive in conventionally built projects. Here are the salient features and benefits of our holistic approach to sustainability:

The bottom line is SLI buildings are capable of achieving sustainability performance levels unheard of in the multi-housing building industry. Our commitment to delivering projects with healthier, more light-filled, energy and water efficient living spaces, regardless of how big or small, is central to the SLI value proposition.